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Do You Need A Website?

I often get asked if local businesses really need a website with all of the focus being put on social media? The answer is a resounding “YES!” Even with social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Yelp!, a website is still the centralized home base of your business’  marketing efforts. Think of it as […]

Facebook Business Pages

Does your business have a Facebook page? If not, it should. Facebook  is by far the most popular online activity for the average consumer and believe it or not, you can connect directly to your customers without spending a single dime with Facebook business pages. As Facebook business pages have evolved over the last few years, […]

Social Networks Paint Pictures, Not Billboards

Social Networks Are Story Pages, Not Billboards There are thousands of businesses jumping on social networks as part of their marketing strategies. And why not? It is almost essential to competing in any market today and the fact is, they are free to use. With the majority of civilization connected in someway to a social network of some […]

Scale Your Experiences

Whenever you are talking to your current clients, try to keep track of the conversation. The questions they ask and the answers you give are valuable content for your blog. Scale your message. Whether it is in person, on the phone or via email, there are other clients and potential clients that want your input […]

Hook Local Customers With Facebook Ads

  Whether your business is grocery or tax preparation, local business needs to look at diverting marketing efforts and dollars to Facebook Advertising. With the majority of the population participating on a daily basis, Facebook’s reach is almost unlimited. But here is the best part. Your ad targeting is too. The amount of information that […]