brent williams on the value of a personal brand

Scale Your Experiences

Whenever you are talking to your current clients, try to keep track of the conversation. The questions they ask and the answers you give are valuable content for your blog. Scale your message.

Whether it is in person, on the phone or via email, there are other clients and potential clients that want your input on those topics as well. Why not be proactive and make them available on your website, blog and social media outlets? Not only will it help attract people to your business, it will also save you from repeating yourself so much.

3 Things To Think About While Building Your Online Image

building your online image

Promoting Your Brand Will Connect To Your Clients! But you have to market yourself properly. Forward thinking and knowing your message will boost your results.

Here are 3 things to think about when developing the online image of you and your business.

Who Is The Authority?

If you are viewed as the authority in an industry, and let people know how you solve problems, then you will be the one clients call when they are in need of help. Promote your knowledge and experience proactively, and when they need you, they will call.

The internet gives you unlimited platforms to connect current and potential clients with your expertise.

What Do You Look Like?

Images are powerful ways to engage with others. There is a sense of trust that comes with the E-mail, Newsletters, Websites, and most importantly Social Media, you can build an image of stability and professionalism.

Combine personality, interesting information with great images, and clients will connect you and your brand as the solution to their needs.

Can They See The Results?

Anyone can tell you what you what to hear. Everyone can tell you why you should choose their product or service. But when you demonstrate the results of what you have to offer, they will want to find out if it will work for them too. Seeing that you have already solved a similar problem, assures them that you are the one that will be able to help.

Be sure to document your results whenever possible. Always be on the lookout for ways to magnify and multiply your successes. Take pictures, write down customer quotes, and ask for opinions. These will come in handy next time you want to show other clients that they can trust you.

Putting yourself out there and showing people how you can help them will help new customers find you. If they find you and contact you first, you will be the one they trust.