Small Business marketing tips for Sweetwater County and Rock Springs and Green River Wyoming

Do You Need A Website?

Website Help Rock Springs

I often get asked if local businesses really need a website with all of the focus being put on social media? The answer is a resounding “YES!” Even with social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Yelp!, a website is still the centralized home base of your business’  marketing efforts. Think of it as your main storefront. The best part about having a website for your local business, is that no matter which other information outlets come and go, you can always adapt a website to the latest and greatest, while maintaining a consistent presence online. Read more

Getting Facebook Likes For Business Pages

Getting Facebook LikesThe #1 reason businesses struggle with growing their following on Facebook is that it is not easy for customers to find them or even know the business has a page. While Facebook is a great resource for businesses, they have not perfected the search capabilities that make it easy to find specific businesses. It is getting better though. Getting Facebook Likes for your local business page is the first order of business for marketing success. Read more

Facebook Business Pages

Facebook Business Pages for  Rock SpringsDoes your business have a Facebook page? If not, it should. Facebook  is by far the most popular online activity for the average consumer and believe it or not, you can connect directly to your customers without spending a single dime with Facebook business pages.

As Facebook business pages have evolved over the last few years, they have quickly become an effective way to market small and local business. The only problem is that while many businesses have them, very few actually use them correctly. Read more

Marketing Your Business In 2013

Marketing Your Business Rock SpringsAs 2012 passes and 2013 begins, what are your plans to improve this year? While growing business is always the goal, there are many thoughts on just how to go about it. Take a few minutes and reflect on how you have helped your customers and clients over the last year. There you will find your answer. This is what you should use to market your business in 2013 Read more