These are thoughts that just might save your business, your life or just your day. These are the thoughts of brent-williams and may be used for numerous purposes. Dig in and find one that works for you.

Scale Your Experiences

Whenever you are talking to your current clients, try to keep track of the conversation. The questions they ask and the answers you give are valuable content for your blog. Scale your message.

Whether it is in person, on the phone or via email, there are other clients and potential clients that want your input on those topics as well. Why not be proactive and make them available on your website, blog and social media outlets? Not only will it help attract people to your business, it will also save you from repeating yourself so much.

Business Idea – Just Clean My Teeth Please

just clean my teeth please

Why is it not possible or at least advertised that you can just go get your teeth cleaned?

I know you are suppose to go get a check up every 6 months but I like that clean feeling right after a visit to the dentist. There should be some entrepreneurial dental hygentist out there that could open a salon style store where you can pop in and get a good teeth cleaning for say $25. “Just a clean and polish”