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I often get asked if local businesses really need a website with all of the focus being put on social media? The answer is a resounding “YES!” Even with social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Yelp!, a website is still the centralized home base of your business’  marketing efforts. Think of it as your main storefront. The best part about having a website for your local business, is that no matter which other information outlets come and go, you can always adapt a website to the latest and greatest, while maintaining a consistent presence online.

What Should Be On A Local Business Website?

Some of the basics may seem like no-brainers. Address, phone number and other contact information should be obvious. Links to your social media profiles, brief descriptions of your services and even a company profile are also pretty standard. The important thing to remember is that you don’t have to cover everything about your business to get started, but enough that visitors are compelled to want to know more and easily find where they can contact you to learn more.

Not so long ago, many thought of a website as an all or nothing proposition. You had to make it perfect before launching it. Now, with the latest content management systems (CMS), it is easier than ever to quickly make changes to site and add more information as it becomes necessary. Think of your website as a brochure to start off with. Answer the most important questions and get it posted. Then, make it a point to add to it often.

How Should A Local Business Website Be Used?

There are really endless possibilities for a business website. Even with a very specialized market, the number of subjects to cover can go on forever. The really important thing to remember is home base for everything you put online. Share what is on your website on social media. Use it to attract those seeking your products and services by describing them on the blog section. The biggest thing is to use it.

You cannot just put up a “brochure” and hope it is found. That may have worked years ago but not anymore. The first 5 – 10 pages or so are just the starting point. What makes it great is to always be adding to your site.

Just Get Started

Like any task, if you put it off and ponder the details, waiting for perfection, you find it gets more difficult everyday you delay.  So here are some steps to help you get off the ground.

  • Explain what your business does or offers.
  • Describe who your customers are and how they benefit for your services.
  • Where are you located and how can customers get in touch with you? (Include websites and social media.)
  • Write a little history of your business or background.
  • Gather testimonials from your best customers.

These are just a few examples of the building blocks that form the foundation of your website. There really are endless possibilities.

If you need a website for your business or need to re-evaluate the one you have, I would be happy to help!



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