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Facebook Business Pages for  Rock SpringsDoes your business have a Facebook page? If not, it should. Facebook  is by far the most popular online activity for the average consumer and believe it or not, you can connect directly to your customers without spending a single dime with Facebook business pages.

As Facebook business pages have evolved over the last few years, they have quickly become an effective way to market small and local business. The only problem is that while many businesses have them, very few actually use them correctly.

Why Facebook Marketing Is Different

With traditional marketing, it is simply an expense that hopefully provides a return. When you buy an ad it the paper, on the radio or a billboard, the only way you have of knowing if that investment is being seen or heard is when customers tell you about seeing it. There are coupons and special offers that can help track effectiveness but those cost your business money.

Social media, especially Facebook,works very differently. When customers “Like” your Facebook business page, they are giving you permission to talk to them anytime you want. You are able to keep track of your followers, know if they saw the information you posted, and best of all, interact with them! Yes, you can talk directly to them and they can talk directly with you.

Think about how much of an advantage this is. How many times have you seen a print ad or heard one on the radio but were not able to later recall the details. If you wanted to tell a friend about it, you have to write it down and remember to tell them about it when you see them. With Facebook, you just “like” it or “share” it with your friends by clicking a button.

Facebook Business Pages Let You Share

The reason social media is so popular and has taken the planet by storm over the last few years is because it allows people to stay in touch with others easily. The ability to find information and then share it with friends. Providing services to your customers is why you are in business. Facebook just lets you do that much easier and proactively.

Have a new product you want to sell? Tell your Facebook audience why they need it. What it can do for them and how others are already using it.

Have an older product that customers love? Gain new customers by sharing stories about it and how well it has worked for others.

Facebook business pages are changing the way we form opinions and stay in touch with the products and businesses we love. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to grow and engage!

Need help setting up or optimizing your Facebook business pages? I would be happy to help! Contact me here.

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