Getting Facebook Likes For Business Pages

Getting Facebook LikesThe #1 reason businesses struggle with growing their following on Facebook is that it is not easy for customers to find them or even know the business has a page. While Facebook is a great resource for businesses, they have not perfected the search capabilities that make it easy to find specific businesses. It is getting better though. Getting Facebook Likes for your local business page is the first order of business for marketing success.

Growing Local Business Facebook Likes

Edit Facebook User NameFacebook Business Page Address

One way to get customers to like you on Facebook is to make it easy for them. Creating your business’ page with an easy to search name is a great place to start. For example, my Facebook Page is That is a very easy term for people to enter and find. Creating your Facebook page’s personalized address is really easy. Just go to the Admin section for your page and click Edit Page. Then, select Update Info. This will take you to Basic Information where you can set your Username.

Rock Springs QR CodeQR Bar Codes

Another way to promote your page and gain Likes is to have a QR bar code in your business for customers to scan with a smart phone. Because the majority of Facebook users connect with the site via smart phone, it is a very easy way for them to find you. QR codes are extremely easy to create and are very useful.

Providing Value

By far, the best way to gain followers or Likes on Facebook is to provide value and be a real person. There is a saying in business that “People hate to be sold, but they love to buy.” This couldn’t be more true when it comes to Facebook marketing. Consumers hate a sales pitch but they love to receive value. Use this direct connection with customers to demonstrate and give value. Show how others are using your products or service. Answer questions that they may have. And be fun. It is possible to be real and professional at the same time. Show people what makes your business different, useful and interesting. You already do this each time someone walks in the door. Now you don’t have to wait for them to show up first.

If you would like help growing your Facebook business page’s Likes, contact me here. I would be happy to help!

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