Hook Local Customers With Facebook Ads


Whether your business is grocery or tax preparation, local business needs to look at diverting marketing efforts and dollars to Facebook Advertising. With the majority of the population participating on a daily basis, Facebook’s reach is almost unlimited. But here is the best part. Your ad targeting is too. The amount of information that Facebook provides is the key to how you can use its power to connect directly to your exact customer base.

The targeting options are almost endless. Here are some examples.

If you are a flower shop on Main Street in your town, you will be able to put your message in front of 22 to 30-year-old males that are in love and looking for ways to impress the object of their affection.

You are a used car dealer in East Town and you have a red minivan you are looking to sell. You can place your marketing in front people who are having their subcompact repaired at the dealer in West Town and also happen to be shopping for cribs and infant clothes because they have a new baby is on the way.

Do Facebook Ads Really Work?

Your first objection is going to be, “Yeah right. How many people would that really be?” my answer is, “How many red minivans are you going to sell today?”

You see we have become accustom to “mass marketing.” We think of marketing with the shot-gun approach, but with the amount of information we can tap into with Facebook and other social media, it becomes much easier to reach the specific people we need to.

As I love to use analogies, here is one that may bring it into focus. There are many ways to fish but the most popular are the rod and reel and then there is a big net. The net does not need much bait, but does need to be put out at the correct time, in the correct location in order to capture the masses of fish. It takes a lot of experience, failure and expense to drop that net where the fish are. Oh and quite a bit of luck too. When it works everything is fine, but when it doesn’t, it is a huge waste of time and money.

The rod and reel method is much different. Most anglers are trying to catch a specific type of fish by using the bait that is most desirable to that type of fish. Know what type of food the fish wants and an approximant area the fish like to hang out and zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz, the hook is set.

With Facebook ads and social media marketing, you do have to study what the customers want (the bait.) You do need to learn what they are talking about (the hang out) but with a little thought and research all you have to do is place the correct ad, (the hook) in front of them and they will bite.

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