Likes Mean They Are All Ears – The Power Of Facebook For Local Business

how st. louis businesses don't understand the power of facebook

Several weeks ago I was talking to a local business owner and asked him if he was using social media to promote his business. He said they had a Facebook page but other than posting a copy of their weekly flier, they didn’t really use it. I asked him if anyone had “Liked” their page. To my surprise, he said “Only about 200 people.” Amazed I replied “Only 200 people!!? For a small, local business that’s a great start!”

He didn’t understand my excitement, asking why that was so great when there are many more people than that who visit his store every day. This is a perfect example of how local businesses in the area seem to be missing out an opportunity that could significantly change the way they reach their customers. You see, after a little more conversation I discovered that those 200 people represented about 8 to 10% of his weekly customers. I also found out that this store was paying thousands of dollars per week in marketing through printed fliers and ads. These are dollars that have no solid way of tracking their return.

As we were finishing up our conversation I asked him, “If you could sit down and talk to 5% of your most loyal customers and get their feedback and thoughts on the way your business serves them, what would that be worth to you?” His eyes lit up. He got it.

You see when someone “Likes” a business, it is in turn giving that business permission to…. Wait, scratch that. They are asking for that business to sell to them. Facebookers are well aware of what it means when they Like a business. But in too many cases, the business that has been liked is letting that customer down.

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